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I love Mexican food….a lot. My office eats at Qdoba at least once a week (mmm queso) and I think tacos was the first “real” meal I ever made in my apartment in college. I always am in the mood for Mexican it seems. i love that you can eat Mexican 5 times a week, and get 5 different dishes. It makes great leftovers and it can feed a lot of people. I’ve talked about my love for Taco Salad here on the blog before, but today, I’d like to share THE best recipe I’ve ever made for enchiladas. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. And they just taste better and better leftover. YUM :)

So, here it is. Enjoy. I have. Mmmmm. :) Seriously, it sounds a little work intensive…but really its not, and the results are SO YUMMY! I mean seriously, I”ve known about this recipe for a month and I’ve already made it twice.

Another recipe I’ve found that makes for a perfect side dish is Parmesean Orzo. One of the first things I found on Pinterest. Ooo la la. I think I made it every couple days the first couple weeks I found it. Oh my gosh, so delish! Seriously, y’all need to make these recipes. They are SO good. The orzo could not be any easier.

I’m getting so excited to bust out my fall soup recipes. I cannot wait! And I’ve been gathering crock pot recipes too in anticipation of the cooler temps. LOVE walking thru my door after work and smelling my dinner that’s been cooking for 8 hours. Mmmm.

Hope everyone is having a fab fall thus far!

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